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Sheet-tube cutting machine(6015 model)

Time:2019-08-22 18:25Popularity:

Wavelength 1070nm
Processing format(L*W) 3000mm*1500mm,Pipe diameter 20-220mm/6m
X, Y, Z axis geometric positioning accuracy ≤±0.025mm
X, Y, Z axis repeated positioning accuracy ≤±0.015mm
Minimum slit width 0.15mm
Cutting sheet thickness 0.5mm-10mm
Max operating speed 80m/min
Accelerated speed 0.5G

1. One machine has multiple functions. It can cut not only flat plates, but also round pipes and special-shaped pipes,with high cost performance.
2. Advanced chuck clamping system, chuck self-adjusting center, automatic adjustment of clamping force according to profile specifications to ensure thin pipe clamping without damage.
3. Fast cutting speed and high precision, it can realize the pipe perforating, cutting, and precise cutting of intersecting line and complex graph .