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Integrated Handheld Laser Welding Machine

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Laser type Fiber laser source
Wavelength 1080nm
Power 500w-2000w
frequency Max modulation frequency50KHz
Operating mode Continuous/modulation
Output focal length 100mm
Laser cooling Water cooling
Indicator system Red light
Fiber length 15 meters
Machine power supply 220V±10%/50Hz
Power consumption ≤7KW
Gas port 1-way argon interface
Electricity demand 220V 50Hz 60A
Size 900mm*700mm*1200mm
Weight 120KG

1. High electro-optical conversion efficiency and long laser life
2.  Maintenance-free, adjustment-free, low energy consumption, no consumables, long-term use can save users a lot of processing costs
3. Compact size, compact structure, built-in water cooling, flexible hand-held welding, outdoor welding
4. Hand-held welding head is equipped with 10 meters of fiber, which can weld workpieces of various complex welds and large irregular workpieces at any angle.