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Non Standard Custom Laser Marking Machine

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Model   TLF20D/TLF30D
Laser parameter Output power 202/30W
  Laser type Fiber laser source
  Wavelength 1064nm
  Beam quality M2 <1.2
  Pulse repetition frequency 10kHZ-200kHZ
  Cooling method Air cooling
Processing parameter Working method X Y Z three-axis dynamic focusing
  Processing range 200*200*80mm
  Focusing range ≤±30mm
  Max plane processing speed 250 character /s
  Repeated marking accuracy 8urad
Machine parameter Operating environment temperature 18-28℃
  Power Single-phase AC220V 10A
  Power consumption 3KW

Non Standard Custom Laser Marking Machine, can accurately mark the laser on the curved workpiece without any defocusing. Through 3D dynamic laser marking control hardware and software, special 3D galvanometer is configured to control the laser beam to mark on any 3D surface.
1.High precision 3D positioning technology, high speed focusing and scanning system, laser beam fundamental mode, short pulse, high peak power, high repetition rate.
2.Leading 3D graphics processing technology with simple operation interface.
3.High photoelectric conversion rate, long service life and easy maintenance.
4.Fast marking speed and high processing efficiency.